• Written Rhetoric
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Narrative Arts
  • Pre-Christian Mediterranean Culture
  • Catholic Culture to A.D. 313
  • Catholic Culture, A.D. 314-1099
  • Catholic Culture, A.D. 1100-1669
  • Catholic Culture, A.D. 1670-present
  • Faith Formation
  • Evangelization
  • Small Business Management

Fellows on the Via Nova program seek to gain endorsements.  An endorsement is achieved when a Fellow displays complete mastery of each requirement in that endorsement.  Currently, we are awarding 11 different endorsements, each with a distinct set of requirements. 


The Via Nova Catholic Education Program

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Endorsements and Open Badges in:

Liberal Arts? Business Experience?  Gap Year?  Refining Skills?  Faith Formation?

All About the Curriculum

Like all-you-can-eat buffets?  Think of Via Nova as an "all-you-can-learn" buffet.  Our flexibility means that you can stay as long as you like, and learn just as much--or as little--as you choose.  Perfect your skills, or dive into something new. Investigate things you've always wondered about, or begin discerning your vocation.  


Each Fellow who gains an endorsement is also awarded an Open Badge for that endorsement.  Fellows can link their Open Badges to their social media pages (such as Linked In or Facebook), or cite them on resumes, in order to share not only their achievement, but also the work they did to get it.  Open Badges contain metadata; this provides a virtual portfolio of completed requirements that the student can share with anyone in cyberspace.


“Dr. Adrianne taught me that all stories are tales from another world with messages written for the heart. Now, whenever I pick up my pen, I can't help but wonder to which extraordinary and exciting world this magical portal is going to take me; what adventures will I have there? Although one thing is for sure—without the Doctors Adderley and the Via Nova Program, I would not be the story writer I am today.”  (Elliot J.)