6. Proof of Skills and Achievements

1. Catholic Culture

7 Reasons why Via Nova is Unique

A Catholic Alternative to College

The Via Nova Catholic Education Program

“The Via Nova is what a tropical island must be like to someone who has been lost at sea for far too long. There are very few islands in this ocean we call life, especially ones with such wonderful company. It's the kind of place that makes you feel like you have always belonged and that you never really left home.” (Tony B.)

  • College costs are soaring nationwide, with millions of young people carrying over $30,000 in debt upon graduation.
  • The low end of the national average for ONE semester of tuition and fees, plus room and board, is $9774.  
  • One semester at the Via Nova Catholic Education Program costs only $3200--saving you thousands every term!

Mastery learning happens when the teacher and the student are both willing and able to spend the necessary amount of time and effort to learn.  Fellows on the Via Nova choose which requirements and endorsements to pursue, and they complete them at their own pace--whether working one hour per week or fifteen, whether meeting for tutorial daily or monthly.  This enables any and every determined, persevering student to succeed.

5. Faith Formation

3. Flexibility

Welcome to the Via Nova Catholic Education Program, an exciting new way to prepare for life without the crushing debt of college.  At Via Nova, you can get a liberal education, grow in your faith, and prepare for the world of work by learning how to start up and run your own small business--for MUCH less than any college.  Check out our short video & learn more.

The Via Nova program is blessed to be located within walking distance of Sacred Heart Parish Church in Yankton, which enables Fellows to attend daily Mass, tri-weekly Confession and weekly Adoration with ease.  Priests from the Diocese of Sioux Falls are available for spiritual direction, and we also introduce Fellows to authentic Ignatian, Carmelite and Benedictine spirituality through retreats and pilgrimages.  It is our hope that our students here will gain a solid prayer and sacramental life which will keep them grounded and growing in faith after they leave.

At the center of human history is the Incarnation.  The Via Nova Program begins with this most important event, and traces its impact through all Western cultures.  Pre-Christian cultures are viewed in relation to Christianity, and the rise, flourishing, fall and rebirth of Christian civilizations is our primary concern.  As we consider this concern, we naturally study history, literature, theology, philosophy, the fine arts, business and industry, agriculture and domestic life.  The study of Catholic Culture is not merely a lifetime's occupation, but also a working compass that will guide us in our efforts to renew Catholic culture now.

2. Mastery Learning

Via Nova Catholic Education Program

Via Nova uses Mozilla Open Badges to ensure that our Fellows' skills and achievements are recognizable to potential employers.  Each endorsement earns an Open Badge, which can be displayed through social media like Facebook, or on a website, and which links to Via Nova's requirements and assessments.  Unlike a transcript, which records only a final grade, an Open Badge displays exactly what a Fellow has accomplished; so viewers can discern for themselves the quality of the work.

In most classes students learn material, are tested on it, and receive grades according to their ability to retain it during the term.  Most students do not learn all the material that has been taught, or retain everything that they learned during the term once it is over. With mastery learning, Fellows do learn all the material that is taught, and once they course is finished, they have it and can use it again, and build on it, forever.  How is this possible?  See FLEXIBILITY, below.

7.  Affordability

The Via Nova Program has an affiliate small business, Loafers Bakery and Coffee Shop.  Our Small Business Management endorsement requires Fellows to learn most aspects of small business management through hands-on experience; we think this will be advantageous to any students who hope to run their own business in the future.

4.  Small Business Management